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The vZID Website does more than just provide services to controllers. If you are a pilot we encourage you to join our website to interact with our community. 

vZID For Controllers

Not only may vZID Controllers have an account on the vZID website, but we also encourage other VATUSA controllers to sign up for an account. vZID hosts many features for all VATUSA controllers. 

Friday Night OPs : Event Capacitor

Friday Night OPs is being supported by a consortium of teams to help generate the 1.21 gigawatts necessary to transport you to another dimension! ( no really though ) Friday Nights always brings out the best and brightest controllers that challenge YOU, the pilot, to put them to the test and tonight is no exception. Tonight we light up three of the best lesser traveled airports that Atlanta, Memphis and Indianapolis has to offer so bring your favorite aircraft and we’ll see you in the skies.

Seeking Experienced Webmaster

The Indianapolis vZID ARTCC Seeks Experienced Webmaster

The Indianapolis ARTCC is seeking a qualified and motivated Webmaster to help in revamping the ZID website by bringing in unique and creative ideas while building on those that already exist within the facility. Applicants must hold an S2 rating or higher. The successful candidate must have current experience in web design and be willing to be a hands-on advisor to the senior staff regarding ZID's web presence. The position will remain open until the best candidate is selected, so apply today!

All interested applicants must submit the following to the DATM (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):
-Letter of Interest
-List of previous experience, including links to the applicant's on-line "portfolio"
-Ideas you can bring to ZID's web presence

The position description is shown below. Any questions can be directed to the DATM through the email listed above.

ZID Webmaster
-Must hold S2 rating or above
-Continually maintains, updates and manages the vZID ARTCC Website
-May seek out and appoint a deputy Webmaster with the approval of the ATM
-Serves as an advisor to the senior staff in web areas of membership, day to day operations, and training program
-Attends staff meetings as called by the senior staff
-Maintain an active online presence on teamspeak and network


To schedule or partner with vZID for an event, contact our events team at events (at) vzidartcc.org or fill out the form under the "contact us" page of this website.


VATSIM proudly announces the following:

1) VATSIM Pilot Academy - http://academy.vatsim.net - is now operational, offering a P1 pilot rating course to help with the high demand that our Authorized Training Organizations (ATOs) are facing. A new (P9) CFI rating will also be offered and taught only by the academy. For more information regarding the Academy and the P9 rating, contact Max Lye (VATSIM Pilot Academy Director) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In order to log in into the academy you have to use your VATSIM CID and password.

2) The new Pilot Training Department (PTD) Web Application - http://ptd.vatsim.net - the one stop shopping place for everything related to pilot training including an ATO roster, statistics and a backend interface for all ATOs to handle the promotion process.

3) P6-P7-P8 rating development, will soon begin in parallel in the forums, with an ETA of October 2014. By that time all the rating requirements will be complete and available for the ATOs.

4) The PTD is actively seeking people to create an ATO audit/quality assurance evaluation team responsible for the certification of ATOs and the yearly reevaluation of their programs. Applications should be sent to Kevin Kan (Director of the Pilot Training Department) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Deadline is 31 May 2014 2359z. Candidates with prior experience in the pilot training program who hold at least a P1 rating will be preferred.


This is the website for the "VIRTUAL" ZID ARTCC on the VATSIM network.  This is NOT the website for the ZID ARTCC and we are not affiliated with the F.A.A., the N.A.S., or the NATCA.  For more information about VATSIM, visit www.vatsim.net/about-vatsim/

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If registering for a new account Register your Username as your VATSIM CID. Accounts not using their VATSIM CID as their Username will be deleted. New (or interested) controllers should follow directions on www.vatusa.net under the 'Become a VATUSA ATC!' section BEFORE registering here.

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