Software Downloads

Virtual Radar Client

VRC Sector Files - Current Sector files can be found in Teamspeak. Look in the "Larry's Lobby" file browser in a folder labeled "VRC"

Euroscope Controlling Client

Euroscope Facility Files - currently unavailable

vSTARS for Terminal Radar Approach Control

vSTARS Facility Files - currently unavailable

VAT-Spy for current network connections

VAT-Spy - Download Here

Teamspeak for VOIP Communication

Teamspeak - Download Here

If registering for a new account Register your Username as your VATSIM CID. Accounts not using their VATSIM CID as their Username will be deleted. New (or interested) controllers should follow directions on www.vatusa.net under the 'Become a VATUSA ATC!' section BEFORE registering here.

vZID Teamspeak

TS LogovZID ARTCC uses Teamspeak 3 for members to communicate while online. Registered users can find Teamspeak information


vZID Facebook

Docs / SupportStay up to date with vZID by joining our Facebook group!


vZID Twitter

TwitterInteract with vZID on Twitter

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